Let’s Create Awesome 360 Videos

Let’s Create Awesome 360 Videos

Our aim to bring you on breathtaking experiences from around the world through 360 videos. Our production company ‘360 Thrill’ is leading the way with engaging 360 video journeys for social.

All our current 360 videos can be found right here.


Climbing a 75ft tree Youtube 360 video

Climbing a 75 meter tree - Australia

Youtube Banksy Dismaland 360 video

Banksy Dismaland

Puppy Play Youtube 360 video

Puppy Play - DSPCA

Total Solar Eclipse from Indonesia Youtube 360 video

Total Solar Eclipse from Indonesia

YHA Sydney Harbour tour 360 video

YHA Sydney Harbour 360 Tour

Getting Jumped Over by a Horse Youtube 360 video

Getting Jumped Over by a Horse

The Equipment Used

We use six GoPro HERO 4s in a Freedom360 mount which allows you to film in every direction. Various pole mounts and audio recording devices are also used in the production.

Six Gopros to film 360 video

Six Gopros in a Freedom360 rig

For more in-depth information about the equipment we use you can read our How to Create 360 Videos with GoPro and Freedom360 article.

Producing Engaging Content

Our videos are presented and narrated to bring people on a journey. Resonating with the audience to physically follow along within the video scenes.

With fourteen years of experience for a multitude of companies and social channels we have fine tuned the whole production process for smooth deliverables.

  • Development: ideas, scripting, comms
  • Pre-production: equipment, scheduling, comms, logistics
  • Production: filming on set, directing
  • Post-production: editing, colour grading, graphics, audio, sfx
  • Distribution: launch strategy social channels, main stream media

Current Achievements

Youtube featured our videos on their /360 channel three times to a million 360 subscribers.

Tweeted our video to 53 million followers.


Let’s Create Even More Awesome 360 Videos

We’re on a mission to produce inspiring 360 videos.

You should be apart of our journey.

If you have an idea, brand, talent or something else that we need to know about then reach out to us right now.

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